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Storytelling Workshop with Linda Gorham, Wed. Feb. 15, 6:30PM @ 515-28th St., GEEZ! Louise Meeting Room

Once upon a time...

a merry band of characters (Central Iowans, all) gathered at The Des Moines Playhouse to heed the called of that whimsical teller and puppeteer Carol Taylor! That group convened this storytelling guild, The Two Rivers Story Spinners, and crafted a community of tellers.  We come, we go; we listen, we tell. Some tell as volunteers, some as paid professionals, some tell as volunteers at church or school, some for family, and all tell for the love of the story.

The guild meets the fourth Sunday of most months from 4 - 5:30 pm at the Des Moines Playhouse, 831-42nd Street, Des Moines, Iowa. If you enjoy telling or just listening to stories, come experience a guild meeting and consider adding to the story by joining! This month's meeting is June 26th.

Upcoming Events: Storytellers' Picnic

LIVING HISTORY FARMS Halloween Storytelling
Last weeks of October

Members sign up for telling slots on Two Rivers Story Spinners groupspace. Or contact Bettie Jane Bibler.

Saturday, November 17
Dave Wharff, TRSS Honoree Teller

5 other teller slots available/Previews at September 23 and October 28 guild meeting. Need to submit bio & photo to Maureen Korte by October 1, plus the title of your story.

Two Rivers Story Spinner's a sponsor for CultureALL's Oct. 19th House Concert Series featuring 2 storytellers from Ireland, a program by the Hob Nailed Theater Company, and dancing by the Foy Irish Dancers.  For more information contact Maureen Korte, maureen@cultureall.com


July 22th @ Greenwood Park Shelter

 "Stories We Gotta Tell !" 

Come enjoy this world of story with fellow storytellers from around the state. This picnic is for anyone who considers themselves to be a storyteller -- guild member or not! Bring a dish, as well as a story, to share. Or if not ready to tell in a group, just bring your ears.

Open registration  please RSVP so we have enough dinnerware.   
$0/TRSS members & Youth(10 -21 years old) email Susan @ avalonroad@yahoo.com

Thanks to all who attended either the intensive retreat or the workshop with Jim May. Have you used his outline for story structure? Did you plot an element of myth within a personal nerrative? Have you repeated any of those fingerplays?!?  Thanks to Maureen Korte for arranging the retreat and also to Carol Taylor for organizing all the workshop treats.

Dozens shared Charlotte Blake Alston's workshop on Sunday, Feb. 20! The conference room we used at 515 28th Street was wonderful. Thanks, GEEZ! Louise. What did we learn?  The rhythm of stories! Alston's mastery of our craft shone from her eyes, her walk, her vocalizations, her humor, her music, and (of course) her stories. She lead us on a participatory journey of African inspired poly-rhythms. Later, we worked in small groups and together to re-tell "How Turtle Got a Cracked Shell," incorporating a basic four count rhythm. Alston spoke about each of us discovering/uncovering our own rhythm, drawing upon our heritge, environment, individual and community experience.  As there is a rhythm to our heartbeat, a beat can bring heart to a story.

Several TRSS members had the opportunity to see and hear Alston several tiimes during the previous week when she performed and/or taught at The Historical Society of Iowa's Storytelling Camp plus a Saturday Family Concert, at Plymouth United Church of Christ in Des Moines, at Story City's Story!Board Dinner Theater held at Praire Moon Winery north of Ames, and at several Des Moines schools. It was evident why she has earned numerous honors:

  • Pew Fellowship in the Arts
  • Zora Neale Hurston Award from the National Association of Black Storytellers, 
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Artist Of The Year Award,
  • Two honorary PhDs, and
  • Circle of Excellence Award from the National Storytelling Association,
  • An American representative at the first International Storytelling Field Conference in Ghana, 
  • Featured artist at the Second Int'l Festival in Cape Town, South Africa,
  • Main stage performerer at the STIMMEN: Voices Festival in Basel, Switzerland
  • Director of "In the Tradition..." the 14th National Festival of Black Storytelling.

!!Three NEW TRSS members!!! WELCOME!!!
Sharon, Katie, and Amanda
14 renewed their guild membership

Bring a neighbor or other friend this month; there's room for even more good tellers and listeners!

TRSS Slate of Officers 2011

Co-Presidents: Maureen Korte, Mike King

Vice-Presidents: Thea Nicholas, Susan Jellinger

Treasurer: TBA

Secretary/Facebook: Jill Beebout

Web: Susan Jellinger

Upcoming Events ~ see sidebar

Two Rivers Story Spinners (TRSS) membership is only $10.00 (USD) per year. Besides the regular meetings, members particpate in workshops, conferences, storytelling festivals, and our yearly Tellerbration fundraiser. The Guild (and/ or members) is frequently featured at community events in Central Iowa:

  • Ashcraft Project Storytelling 
  • Living History Farm's Family Halloween
  • Miracle on 4th Street
  • Pufferbelly Days
  • Festival of Trees
  • Storytelling Festivals
  • Literacy Round-ups
  • KidsFest
  • Tellebration!
  • School and church events

Next Event: Jim May Storytelling Retreat & Workshop!


April meeting

Sunday Apr. 17

4-5:30 pm

DM Playhouse

Visitors welcomed!

  • Telling stories! Shower us with wonderful words! 
  • Guild training: setting the "stage"
  • Press needs for Jim May 
  • More on Jim May workshops, May 20-22: Intensive retreat and 3-hour workshop!






A long, long time ago .....

Two Rivers Members at an earlier Living History Farms Halloween, featuring Dave Ashcraft.

Next gatherings:

  • Sunday, Mar. 28, TRSS monthly guild meeting, 4 - 5:30pm @ DM Playhouse, basement classroom  Business: Officer Elections! Committee assignments for Tellebration and Summer Storytelling Shindig (maybe we can be at Sleepy Hollow's Festival Park again!), Northlands Storytelling Conference, AND Storytelling!  Positive-oriented critiquing, if requested.
  • BECAUSE OF EASTER, meeting changed from Sunday, Apr. 25 to April 17, TRSS monthly guild meeting, 4 - 5:30pm @ DM Playhouse, basement classroom 
    Storytelling theme: Foolish Notions or Spring Stories  Other business: Report from Northlands.